Everyone’s life situations, feelings and experience are unique so my approach to counselling will differ based on your needs. The first few sessions may revolve around understanding you and your world, how you feel about it and the people in it – a way creating the picture for myself. Understanding your objectives and expectations our of therapy is also important, and it is worth noting that coming for therapy is the start of a process and journey and requires courage, commitment to work and patience with yourself and the process. 

For individual work my role is to listen to and understand you as well as reflect for you where it seems you may be, to help you clarify your understandings and to shine a light and walk with you into the areas of your life where you feel scared to do so alone.  

When it comes to couples/relationship counselling the purpose is to help unpack what is going on for both parties individually, as well as the relationship itself and how both parties come together in the relationship. Understanding and accepting your individual value, positive and negative contributions to the relationship in general and how that might be playing out in the presenting challenge is key. Holding up the mirror and offering both parties the opportunity to make themselves vulnerable and hold themselves to account for their actions and resolves and application of any tools that we choose to optimise the relationship is provided. 

I believe in the human potential we all possess to create chaos and dysfunction in our lives but to also navigate our way back to a more optimal level of being and becoming.