A glimpse of what other clients have experienced.

Michael is a great listener and has great empathy.

Michael is an extremely kind and caring person with whom I feel safe and comfortable. He has helped me make real tangible progress in my life.

Thank you for the time, patience and kindness that you have demonstrated towards me in digging deeper and addressing the root of my problems. They don’t seem insurmountable anymore.

Michael has helped me identify the actual problems affecting my wellbeing instead of my perception of what was causing me a lot of emotional discomfort.

Often a session will help me realize something I was entirely unaware of before, which completely changes the perspective I have on a particular aspect of my life. I frequently leave a session feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Michael is a professional, intelligent, and warm-hearted therapist. He makes a real effort to help his clients on their pathway of healing and growing.

Michael's patience and unique ability, to understand each individual, who they are, where they are and where they wish to go is one-of-a-kind. He understands what it means to meet someone, at their level, and boldly goes to where they need to go, together, to advance ever so gracelessly, closer to the goal, whatever it may be. A truly remarkable and compassionate human being. An example to us all.

Michael provides a truly helpful service, and allows for difficult work to be done in a safe and warm environment.

Issues which initially concerned me are being addressed as well as others that I was unaware of and by doing this every session is another foundation towards a healthier me.

Michael’s approach in general is very good and it allows me to discover/uncover various personality and character traits, both and good and bad. Every session so far has made me feel a better about myself and has yielded improvement of some kind.

Michael has great understanding while keeping an unbiased approach. Michael provides good tools to work with and has a truly concerned approach.

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